"Green" McMansions Torched in Seattle


Street of Dreams is a type of home show where builders go all out to build jazzy homes that are used for fund-raising and then sold. Often over-the-top McMansions, the 2007 Seattle Street of Dreams was built to more "modest" scales of between 4,200 and 4,750 square feet and were certified through Built Green, a Seattle area green builders initiative. One home, the Urban Lodge, had Five Star certification and was also Gold under the new NAHB certification program.

But evidently not green enough for some; last night they were bombed and three of them burned to the ground. The fourth was spared because the arson device failed to go off.


All of the houses were vacant so nobody was injured; they have been languishing on the market for months. A sign spray-painted onto a sheet was found that according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer "had the initials of the Earth Liberation Front in scraggly red letters, mocked claims that the homes were environmentally friendly:

"Built Green? Nope black! McMansions in RCDs r not green" the sign said.


Real Estate Bob Hoffman, who has been flogging one of the houses for eight months, says "The whole project's theme was about the environment, They did a great job of environmentally doing the right thing."


Urban Lodge before.

Some commenters in the Seattle paper suggest that perhaps there were other reasons for the fires: "Expensive homes being torched in a housing recession? Hmmm... How convenient." Other wags on the web note "Only it ain't the Earth Liberation Front, it's the BANK Liberation Front." Certainly real environmentalists don't use spray paint, let alone do arson. Fortunately one of the bombs did not go off, which should provide more than the usual evidence.


Copper Falls

Others consider the hypocrisy of calling the houses "green":-Homes advertising themselves as "Built Green" merely by applying a few simple token gestures to their construction. The mere thought of a "4000+ sq ft built green house" should be an oxymoron. Congratulating ourselves for using recycled carpet while building cathedral ceiling homes in sprawling subdivisions abutting wilderness, whose cavernous air spaces have to be heated for the next several decades is a terrible and destructive kind of hypocrisy as well." ::Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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