Green Labor Day, The Anti-Starbucks, Snow Leopard & More


A weekly wrap up of green and socially minded business news from the gang at

A Green Labor Day
What's the definition of a "green job"?. What's a "green economy"? Can either represent a better, more viable economy than the one we've got now? 3p contributors and readers pondered these questions in our week long green labor day series.

Age of the Anti Starbucks?
Starbucks' new unbranded 15th St. Coffee & Tea Shop (aka the "anti-starbucks") could be a new model for large companies to re-engage with local communities - or is it just local-washing?

So, Can a Global Company Be Local?
Keeping with the same theme, Terracycle's Tom Szaky invents the term "glocalizing" to describe a UK project with Kraft that's aimed at sourcing local waste to create interesting products locally while introducing the global TerraCycle brand to the UK.

How Green Should Kiva Be?
Microlending has the potential to bring millions out of poverty, in both developing nations as well as the United States. Should it carry an explicitly green message or is it already green just by its very nature?

Snow Leopard Fails the Green Test
It may save millions on energy, but when you get a box in the mail big enough for 15 DVDs you have to ask questions.