Green Jobs: Now Better Paying than Non-Green Jobs


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Green jobs now pay as well as, or better, than other jobs in similar sectors, a new report from PayScale and CleanEdge has found. This of course is good news--lawmakers, clean tech companies, and the unemployed are banking on such jobs to fill the void left by all those lost in the recession. Here's how much green jobs are paying, and why there still should be some buzz behind the term, even though it may be as overused as "Waaasuuup" once was.Whether its handyman insulation work or a clean tech engineering gig, green jobs were found to pay handsomely. According to Green Inc:
The median earnings found in the survey range from $36,100 a year for an insulation worker to $112,000 a year for design engineering managers in alternative energy, according to Al Lee, director of quantitative analysis at PayScale.
This is especially good news, considering that a previous report done months ago found that green jobs were lagging slightly behind other jobs. It should be enough to encourage anyone who's out of work or considering a career change to take a look at the green job options in their area.


Green Inc says:

All the jobs PayScale found were "very reasonably paid," Mr. Lee said, adding that several entry-level positions -- including jobs as solar-energy system installers and solar fabrication technicians -- require only high school or associate's degrees and pay more than $40,000 annually.

So where should a green job seeker start? Well, as the above graph (via Green Inc) indicates, solar is booming. But there are plenty of other growing fields as well, and many useful sources for finding green jobs. And with the passage of clean energy reform looking more and more likely in Congress, and Obama's stimulus bill continuing to fund the green economy's growth, the trajectory looks like it'll continue. Well-paying green jobs, as annoying as the term may be, are here to stay.

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