Green is Present at Campus Party Brazil

Campus Party Brazil.

(Pictures by Mauricio.beltran, Luisleao and vivoandando, from Flickr) From February 11 until 19, Sao Paulo is holding Campus Party, an event that was born in Spain which is described by organizers as the world's biggest electronic-entertainment networking happening in the world.

The event consists of gathering thousands of participants under the same roof to live and work together for seven days. The spot chosen in Brazil is the Biennale Pavilion at the Ibirapuera Park.

What's interesting for us is that the Brazilian edition is going green, offering to plant one tree for each participant and aiming assistants to plant extra trees through Click Arvore; and setting up a section of green activities under the 'Green Campus' section. "Technology is a fundamental tool to face the challenges the global-village presents, in a plural, ethical and democratic way," say the organizers.

Keep reading for more pictures and the set of activities.

Via Planeta Sustentavel.The organizers explain the presence of green at this technology event arguing that, "thanks to the internet, we can now have access, produce and distribute content that was not published by traditional media."

"Many times, sustainability issues were not exposed because they involved social responsibility, economic equality and ecologic efficiency, which had implications in many corporations that found benefits in non-ethical conditions. Now we can analize and understand our environment and develop formats and strategies that can encourage small and large change."

With those words, the event presents a section with green tips for assistants to implement at home and its program of conferences and activities related to the environment.

The activities list includes:
-Climate change and responsible consume, a conference by Laura Valente, from the Sao Paulo Mayor's office;
-Bloggers for animal rights, a round table about how to use blogs to defend animal rights;
-An eye on the planet: How new technologies and the internet can become important tools to preserve green areas, a collective conference;
-A talk about sustainability and waste; and
-Sustainability in social networks, a conference about how ideas and attitudes for a better world are gaining space in these online spaces.

The program (in Portuguese) can be seen in a Google Doc.

Additionally, brazilian website Planeta Sustentavel is holding three competitions for assistants to create a poster that shows the relationship between green and technology, a game to raise awareness on green issues, and a robot from e-waste. Find out more about those at the contest's website.

Campus Party goes on until February 17 in Brazil, and there's an upcoming event in Colombia in June 2008 (22-28). More at the official website.

::Campus Party Brazil (in Portuguese) ::Campus Party Worldwide

Campus Party in the Biennale Pavilion at the Ibirapuera Park.

A general view of the event's ails. Picture by Mauricio.beltran.
Participants to Brazil Campus Party at their computers.

Midnight online at the Campus. Photo by Mauricio.beltran.
Tents at Campus Party Brazil.

Tents for participants. Image by Luisleao.
Marcelo Branco and Gilberto Gil at Campus Party Brazil.

Brazilian consultant Marcelo Branco and Brazil's Culture Minister Gilberto Gil at Campus Party. Picture by Luisleao.
Recycling bins at Campus Party Brazil.

Recycling bins at the venue show the green profile the event is taking. Photo by cvander.
Resting area at Campus Party Brazil.

Resting area at the Campus Party. Pic by cvander.

More pictures at Flickr Campus Party Pool

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