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Jeanie Pyun, editor of Sprig and Kelly LaPlante, an eco interior-designer with over 10 years experience hosted a Discussion on Washington last Thursday to offer tips to help you green your style.

The hosts offered plenty of tips on finding healthy food, finding healthier products and also answered FAQ's like "What is a green roof?" and "What does VOC mean?". Since the discussion was hosted online, the ladies could post web-links directly to the chat to give readers easy, direct access to the tips under discussion. Other questions included, "why is it still so difficult to find healthy products and why are they not cheaper?", as well as "what is a single mom hoping to green, but with a limited budget, to do?" discussions are like an interactive blog, where readers can over up questions in real-time to experts on a variety of subjects.

Pyun was the former editor of Organic Style magazine and co-editor of In Style Home magazine. LaPlante owns a furniture showroom in Venice Beach, CA, is the host of Brilliant Green on Ovation TV, and recently published her first book ecologique. Sprig has an ongoing discussion on, every Thursday at 1pm discussing a wide variety of green topics with green experts.

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