Green in the USA: Thanksgiving

green in the usa thanksgiving turkey image

Image credit: Chelsea Bay

Having pleased a few people with my post on 5 Things I Love About America, and having annoyed a few more with my ramblings on 5 Things I Hate About America (the folks at will likely never forgive me)—I thought I'd add one more to the love side.. So let's hear it for Thanksgiving!It truly is one of the most enjoyable holidays I've experienced anywhere. A time for simple, home-cooked meals, for celebrating the bounty of the Earth, being grateful for what we have, and remembering the generosity and empathy shown by strangers to their fellow man. And all that without a single gift? Awesome. With consumption and consumerism usually knocking at the door of our traditions at every opportunity, it's so nice to see a holiday that remains relatively uncommercialized.

So this Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for Thanksgiving. And the fact that I am not really a turkey.

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