Green Fundraising For Schools With One Big Caveat


Founded by elementary parents with an eye for the future and a realization that we’ve all had enough of the wrapping paper and cookie dough fundraising tactics, Greenraising, a program to help schools and non-profits raise funds using eco-friendly products has emerged.

And with items for sale ranging from SIGG bottles and fair trade coffee to eco-friendly lunchboxes and recycled office supplies, the intentions are good and the products seem excellent.

But what’s that big caveat I mentioned above? Well, it seems your school or non-profit will only garner 25% of the proceeds from sales placed by friends, family, and co-workers via their website, and just 40% of the profits from those you sign up in person with their catalog. And while I’m no PTA fundraising guru myself I do know a few, and can say with certainty that products sold through school fundraisers generally mean that between 50-70% of the proceeds to the school itself.

After all, it’s a school fundraiser, and not just a straight sell…

So while I’m enthusiastic about the idea of the program, and recognize that using eco-friendly products instead of the usual plethora of fundraising suspects is exposing lots of people to great products they might never try otherwise... I have to suspect that you may do better elsewhere gaining the cash you need from your fundraising efforts.

Perchance our friends at Greenraising need a little friendly competition to make them up the ante… Anyone have a favorite program in mind that can give them a run for their money?

via:: enviromom