Green Eyes On: Overcoming the BP Disaster and Others Like It

green eyes on gulf oil spill

Photo via: Komo News.
Guest blogger Sara Snow is a green lifestyle expert and board member for Discovery's 24/7 future-forward network Planet Green.

I recently got an email about a "life architect," Nick Kolesnikoff and his book Your Turn: Empower Yourself to Change.

The email offered tips on overcoming disasters like the BP oil spill, a few of which I thought were worth repeating.

Here are five tips from Life Coach, Nick Kolesnikoff:

1. Let go of any anger toward BP, the government, or anyone else. Anger is debilitating and will distract you from moving forward. Leave the blame game to government officials--they don't need your help in assigning blame--and focus on your own needs.

2. View the disaster as an opportunity to move forward. Realize that the inertia that has kept you from living a fulfilling, happy life has just been shattered--you are facing an extraordinary opportunity to change your direction, to align with your unique nature.

3. Pay close attention to what is appearing around you--opportunity abounds in the face of disaster; you just have to pick up on it.

4. Lend your neighbors a helping hand--continue to be a gift to the people around you. Avoid becoming selfish and inward-focused because of fear. Nature always rewards each act of kindness.

5. Don't give in to fear--it's just a mistake of the intellect. Fear arises when we ask our intellect to do the impossible--to predict the future. When it cannot fulfill its assignment, it makes stuff up and creates fear and anxiety.

While I'm not usually a big self-help book kind of person, I agree with Nick's positive approach to handling this and other disasters. Don't wallow in the negative. Quit pointing fingers. Get off your butt and do something.

It's what we should all be doing. And it's the only way we'll see positive change.

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