Green Eyes On: Natural Products Expo East Shows Bright Future for Green Products

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I can’t really explain my unexpected and sudden optimism, in spite of the mud puddle economy we’re all apparently still living in and the mud slinging political race we’re still slaves to. But there are at least three things that have contributed to it.

Despite the Economy, People are Still Shopping for Natural and Organic Food
First, I just attended Natural Products Expo East in Boston (a twice-yearly conference for the natural products industry) and found an unquestionably strong product offering. Despite the pinch so many are feeling in their pocketbooks, research shows people are continuing to buy natural and organic foods and choosing instead to cut back on gym memberships and other ancillaries. This is especially true when it comes to food for their children and the most basic foods for themselves. Great news!

Strong Trends: Probiotics and Vitamin C Packs
Some trends I was seeing out of Boston: Probiotics are the unsung heroes (a personal favorite of mine is GoodBelly, which I wrote about earlier this year); the gluten-free category continues to grow (especially good news as large numbers of people are discovering they have gluten sensitivities and even Celiac disease); still there are waters, waters everywhere, but now there are more and more of the Emergen-C type vitamin/flavor packets or pellets that you add to the filtered tap water you carry around in your Sigg or reusable water bottle of choice (a new favorite of mine is called Zenergize); and honey products are making a strong comeback (save the bees!!!).

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Clothing Line Nau, Soon Available in Chicago
Second, I just got word that, Nau, a favorite sustainable clothing company and innovator in the retail world, has resurfaced in yet another fantastic location. The company disappeared this past May due to lack of funding. A short month later, they were ready to reemerge and next week Connect, a brand new showroom in the Wicker Park area of Chicago, will bring Nau in as their flagship brand. Very exciting!

Think About the Environment When You Vote

Third, we still have time to let our voices be heard! There is no doubt about it, we’re living in interesting times, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed but everyone has something interesting to say. If the environment has anything at all to do with your voting decisions this November 4th, snag an Under the Canopy ‘Vote Ecologically’ t-shirt and wear it daily before it’s too late!

How About Endangered Species Chocolate for Halloween?

Oh yeah, and…..Friday is Halloween. And while I usually don’t much care for the holiday (I can’t turn the kids away without a treat but I’m unable to bring myself to buy junky candy… and who wants a granola bar or an apple, after all?), this year I’m happy to report that I’m all set. Friday I’ll be doling out handfuls of Endangered Species Chocolates, for all the young face-painted revelers. If your trick-or-treat basket isn’t full yet, pick up a few bags of the Endangered Species Halloween chocolates, sure to please the goblins in your home as well!

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Image courtesy of Endangered Species Chocolate

Sara Snow is a green living expert and regular contributor to TreeHugger via her Green Eyes On column. She can also be seen on on Thursdays from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Her new DVD Growing Green Babies is now available through
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