Green Eye Shades Back in Fashion On Wall Street


What an opening line to begin a story with. "It's not just tree huggers" who think about global warming,...There's money to be made, and people want to know how to make it." From the Wall Street Journal last month.

"This year, researchers at Citigroup Inc., Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and UBS AG have issued widely circulated reports on risks and opportunities for investors because of climate change. They argue that global warming can no longer be ignored as a factor in investing. Researchers at these firms and others are identifying companies well-positioned for global warming, either because they are devising new technologies or because they are taking advantage of market changes."

Here's the money quote:- "Many of the companies involved in green technology are small, so they carry more investment risk; moreover, green technology is developing so quickly it is hard to predict which companies will eventually win."

Winning has to do with being on the side of life, not just being on the positive side of risk. And if those Wall Street boys would substitute some compact fluorescents, they wouldn't need green eye shades at all. Come join us. Small is big. Via: WSJ
Image credit:: Green Eyeshade