Green Degrees Offered at The New School

Yale is not the only school on the block implementing green degree programs —now New York's The New School is up for the challenge. The University launched the Tishman Environment and Design Center last month, which uses curriculum developed in collaboration with Lang College, Parsons, and The New School for Social Research to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees based on design-based research.

When it comes to environmental literacy, one of the school's main goals is to get the next generation up to speed. Or as New School president Bob Kerrey puts it: "In a democratic society, we have an obligation as citizens to be environmentally literate in order to participate in some of the great debates of our time and to affect change on a local and global scale." Teaching methods will take a holistic approach, drawing from historical and social evidence, with an emphasis on innovation within the context of cultural, economic, and ecological factors. ::The New School