Green Candidate Guide From Envirowonk




New political website EnviroWonk (riding out of the Eco-Geek stable) has posted their "2008 EnviroWonk Super (giga), Post-Bowl, Fat Tuesday Primary Scorecard." Don't know why they did it as an image instead of text, that means I have to actually write something, which is annoying.

Everyone's position has "evolved" except for Huckabee who doesn't believe in evolution; Barack Obama has changed is views on coal; but as David Roberts of Grist noted in an earlier post, "It is difficult to think of a another policy issue on which the ground has shifted so far, so fast, and difficult to think of another policy issue on which the gulf between the two political parties is so vast and striking." ::Envirowonk , see also ::Plenty's comparison here. Green Candidate Guide