Green Businesses Perform Well in $100,000 Competition


Recycline, makers of the Preserve Toothbrush, among other recycled and earth friendly products, are no strangers to TreeHugger. We've covered their flagship product here, and we've talked about their attempts to expand into more mainstream markets here. Now our spies tell us that this forward thinking company has made it into the top 20 of the Boost Your Business competition. This is no mean achievement, given the starting line up was made up of 1000 hopefuls, all vying for the $100,000 prize money. Anyone wanting to help Recycline win can vote via this link.

Eric Hudson, President of Recycline, says that winning the competition would be a huge boost to expanding the company's market share:

"We would use the funds for a multi-pronged marketing effort to reach new consumers to drive sales of Preserve products in mainstream retail channels such as Wal-Mart and Target. This effort would include the following components: A highly creative, buzz-generating campaign that centers around giving away a hybrid car to an individual that has made the biggest positive environmental impact in his/her community, in line with the core values of the Preserve brand."

Its great to see green businesses fairing well in competitions like these, and Recycline isn't the only entrant in the final 20 with a green angle — others include Happy Gardener, a supplier of green gardening and lawn care products; Freight Wing, makers of fuel-saving aerodynamic attachments for trucks; and Idle Free Systems, designers of a 'hybrid' tractor trailer that generates and stores energy while the engine is running which can then be used to run heating or air conditioning when the truck is stopped. site visit::