Green Baby Steps For The Future Of The Earth


Baby Boróka Torda (pictured below-the-fold with her father) has had her "foot print" made green, literally, as pictured here, and prospectively: Baby's lifespan carbon footprint has been offset through tree plantings which will be professionally managed in a Hungarian State park.

"A new baby girl born to proud parents Gergely & Ildikó Torda of Budapest on August 20th. will become Europe's greenest newborn as hundreds of trees are planted next month to celebrate her birth. Boróka's lifetime 'Carbon Footprint' will become greener every day of her life as her part of a new protected forest grows in Bukk National Park in northeastern Hungary. This is part of the KlimaFa / Planktos new 'Greener Solutions' eco-restoration projects intended to produce large volumes of low cost carbon offsets."

"While we don't know with perfect certainty what baby Boróka's carbon footprint will be (her CO2 emissions for life) we've used benchmarks from multiple agencies to calculate the amount, a mere 416 tonnes requiring about 300 trees to be planted on her behalf," says Dr. David Gazdag, managing director of Budapest's KlimaFa."


"In a few weeks time trees to create baby Boróka's forest will be planted into the new KlimaFa 10,000 hectare climate forest protected forever by the rangers of Bukk National Park. Her trees will grow next to those planted to offset the Vatican's emission. Additional trees in the project are part of the Dell Computer 'Plant a Tree For Me' campaign."

"According to Gazdag, this is the first of many 'climate forests' the company intends to create throughout the EU as a powerful tool to mitigate global climate change. Her father, Gergely, a research scientist at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, assisted in forestry research necessary to prepare for this planetary first aid project."

"While we expect little Boróka to live an eco-aware life minimizing her energy use and consumable wastes, with these seedling trees Boróka's entire life be green for certain. The carbon dioxide her lifestyle generates is no longer destined to create global warming and ocean acidification. Instead that carbon dioxide will be breathed in by native oak and beech trees to help them grow and slow global climate change. Boróka's forest will make Europe a better place for her to grow and live and over time do the same for her children and generations to come."

TreeHugger comment:- People can be sentimental and protective about trees they helped plant when they were young. As a child, this writer planted a few apple trees; and when I return to the town of my birth I always drive by to see how they are doing. A few years ago a stranger knocked at my door, explaining that he had been raised in my house and had helped his parents plant the white oak in my front yard. He wanted permission to sit under it and admire it for a bit. It is wonderful to think about the future in which thousands of young children might growing with an attachment to "their" forests.

Via:: Planktos.