Green, Baby, Green! Alaska Aims For 50% Renewable Energy by 2025

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photo: Mark Brennan via flickr

Maybe it was because she saw what Russia was doing from her front porch and wanted to do them one better, or maybe she’s just had a change of heart now that whirlwind campaigning is over, but whatever the reason, Sarah Palin has set a goal for Alaska that’s quite a departure from opinions expressed onthe potential of renewable energy when she was running for vice-president:25% of Alaska’s Electricity Already Comes From Hydro Power
As part of Alaska Energy Authority’s new plan, Alaska Energy: A First Step Towards Energy Independence, the state aims to generate 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2025. This includes hydropower, which is already used in Alaska to generate one quarter of its electricity, so the goal of half from renewables is a little less lofty than it might be in some other state, but nonetheless the move is admirable.

As the New York Times points out, Alaska has ample potential from geothermal, wind and wave power to meet this goal. However, the issues regarding transmission that many cite as a potential bottleneck in full exploitation of the nation’s renewable energy potential are only amplified in a state as large, wild and sparsely populated as Alaska.

via: New York Times
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