Green Accumulates At The Foot Of The Lake


The citizens of Fond du Lac County Wisconsin seem to be the beneficiaries of some unusual green services. A few years back we wrote about a proposed wind farm project where "property owners who live within one-third of a mile of one turbine would receive $500 a year, while property owners who are within one-third of a mile of two turbines would receive $750 annually...Landowners who host a wind turbine will receive easement payments of about $4,200 a year, as well as compensation for crops they would not be able to sell because of the easement". Now this. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, the Fond du Lac branch of Horicon Bank recently gave the Blue Goose Coffee House, which features fair trade Alterra coffee , "a prime spot in its new building". The new bank building is heated and cooled with geothermal energy, is awash in natural light, and — get this — has glass cases displaying native plants from the nearby Horicon Marsh . Our favorite line from the MJS story is this: "Banks have been trying for years to come up with new designs meant to make them appear friendlier. It's not unusual for a bank to set out coffee in the lobby for its customers. But an actual coffee shop where the coffee servers are employed by the bank is "novel," Donihue said".

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