Great Rebuttal of a Terrible Coal Ad

horrible coal ad

The NYT's newly-minted blogger (and all-around excellent climate change journalist) Andrew Revkin follows up his earlier post exposing Peabody Energy's (laughable) ad campaign aimed at sliming Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for making the (right) decision to bar two applications for new coal plants with one looking at one organization's heroic efforts to rebut Big Coal. The team behind the snide mock attack ad (which you can see by clicking on the image above) is actually The Wichita Eagle's writing staff which, in addition to crafting a video takedown of Peabody, also penned a more conventional (but no less witty) editorial.

Oh, Mahmoud, when will you learn that only Putin's soul friend, George W. "Boosh," gets to call him "Pootie-Poot"?

Via ::Dot Earth: Striking Back at Big Coal, on Video (blog), ::The Wichita Eagle: Evil madmen plotting our energy future (newspaper)

See also: ::Greenwash Watch: Kansans for Affordable Energy, ::Big Coal To America: 'New US Power Plants Not So Important.'

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