Great Moments in Advertising: This One's for You, Greenies

ford climate change advert

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Not all green advertisements are created equal: Even as we've seen a few witty, inspired choices, we'd have to say that - for the most part - most eco-oriented adverts have either rung hollow or, at best, seemed laughable by comparison. And while the general trend for advertisers and businesses continues to be to appeal to their customers' green ethos, some companies appear to have opted for an almost diametrically opposed strategy - goading their newfound environmental sensibilities.

The Guardian's Leo Hickman has a great rundown of some of the more provocative adverts to appear in print of late; he mentions, a website that "explores the psychology of climate change denial with observations and anecdotes about our weird and disturbed response to the problem," which has been encouraging visitors to submit examples of ads that fit the bill. Hickman's commentary is as caustic as it is hilarious:

"Ford in the UK goes for a much simpler approach with its Fiesta Zetec Climate (why would you ever use the word "climate" to name a car?) ads by accompanying a picture of the car with just a short sentence: "Most people would prefer a hot climate." It wouldn't appear as if Ford's survey of people's climatic preferences extended to those living in already parched regions of the planet now fearing the kinds of sharp temperature rises predicted by climatologists.

Using a short, punchy sentence is a popular tactic, it seems. Jeep has settled on using "The End of the World is Never Nigh" as an ideal sentiment to attract customers. Buy a Jeep and you will never have to worry about anything that those doom-mongers keep banging on about - instead you will be cruising along well above those lapping waves."

But the award for the most misconceived ad must surely go to the French energy firm, EDF:

"The French energy giant EDF appears not to have done its homework before deciding to use the statues of Easter Island to reinforce its message that, "We develop tomorrow's energies for future generations." EDF is one of the world's largest suppliers of nuclear energy, an irony that is quick to point out: "The Easter Island civilization collapsed from deforestation and overpopulation. The statues are a symbol of hubris and denial in the face of an impending environmental disaster. What staggering stupidity to use them to promote nuclear power"."

Head on over here to see the rest of the ads Hickman describes. Any recent adverts you've seen that have made you shake your head in disbelief/disgust?

Via ::Guardian Unlimited: Driven by mischief (news website)

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