Great Indian Clearance Sale: Losing Our Resources to the Lowest Bidder

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Indian environmental blog, The Great Indian Clearance Sale, serves up the current state of the Indian environment with a side of cynicism and sass, complete with graphics and easy to understand articles. Launched in June 2009, the Great Indian Clearance Sale takes a very negative stance on the environmental state of things in India. Yet, that seems to be the aim of the authors. Each article comes with a newspage-style graphic that explains topics like GM crops, coal mining and plastic bags in easy to understand language (all English at this point). The site owners feel that if the technical topics are broken down into easier to understand formats that people will realize what is happening under their very noses and do something.

Great Indian Clearance Sale Forest Degradation Graphic Image
Each topic has a graphic page to accompany it, which it appears could be printed out and posted in classrooms or offices or other public locations. The site also includes "cartoon" flip books that explain concepts like GM crops - actually, this was a very watered down version of the topic, but they do have links to other resources so readers can learn more. The other point that is made very clearly in the site, as the title suggests, is that the government is selling off resources to the highest (foreign) bidder and making it easy for corporations to come in and exploit India and its people.

It's hard to read too many articles on the site at once because of the very negative tone - all of that cynicism and sass can be a little hard to take after awhile, making you feel like the sky really is falling. But, that seems to be the aim of Great Indian Clearance Sale, where the bloggers want readers to wake up, realize what is happening in their very own cities and then change their own habits, if not force government to change theirs. :Great Indian Clearance Sale
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