Great Debate Tackles Climate Change

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Intelligence Squared organises debates on high profile issues with the biggest names around. Chaired by a well-known moderator, the panelists are knowledgeable, wittty and always in top fighting form. Now IQ2 is turning its talents to an investigation of climate change and bringing together speakers from around the world.

Among the brightest thinkers taking part are: Mohan Munasinghe, Vice Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who shared the Nobel peace-prize with Al Gore in 2007, TIME Magazine Hero of the Environment, Christine Loh, Jeremy Leggett (Solarcentury CEO) and former Director of Friends of the Earth, Tom Burke. To add a dash of controversy, and a chance for some fighting words, Philip Stott, famed anti-climate change proponent will also be there.

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The topics of the big debates will provide food for thought and great discussion.
-Countdown to Armageddon – how long have we got? will be the battle of the bruisers: Stott versus Munasinghe.

-Can Asia go green? (and if it doesn’t has the world had it?) will look at what’s happening in the countries where rapid development, is being prioritised over all other concerns. The former Head of UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in Malawi, one of the countries already dramatically affected by climate change, will be the chair.

-Can technological innovation save us from disaster? In this one, captains of industry such as Jonathon Counsell (Head of Environment, British Airways) and Dr Steve Koonin (Chief Scientist at British Petroleum) will debate with clean technology investor, Doug Richard, Founder of Solarcentury, Jeremy Leggett and former Director of Friends of the Earth, Tom Burke.

The seminars, always a good opportunity to share views on a more personal level, include topics such as: Green Herrings – what we need and needn’t bother doing--a seminar on what individuals can do to help reduce carbon emissions and climate change. Biofuels – essential or a waste of time? is a discussion on the impact of the credit crunch. For the political junkies, three representatives of the political parties will discuss how feasible is Britain’s pledge to cut carbon emissions across all industries by 80 per cent by 2050.

Festival attendees will get the chance to test drive a Tesla Roadster, view an exhibition of award-winning climate change photographs, investigate a solar home, and see the winners of the Ashden Award for energy saving inventions.

It's all happening on January 25, 2009 in London. Intelligence Squared Green Festival on Climate Change

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