Graphics Of The Day: A Carbon Intensifying, 23-Year Vision Of US Energy Use


The current US Administration projects a consistent message on the deepening risk of climate crisis: 23 year's worth of forward looking cognitive dissonance. One has only to consider the vision expressed in two simple bar graphics, excerpted here from a presentation given recently by the Director of the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), to see what the whole world clearly senses.

All that is lacking is marker at on the far right of the X-Axis that says 'who could have guessed this would happen.'


Developed nations can't have their economic growth engine hitched to a vision like this unless they wish for Homo sapiens to become an endangered species in relatively short order.

Real change always begins with a new vision. When the vision does change, perhaps India and China will become less reluctant to make the leap past Jevon's Paradox? (See RMI guest post for explanation: Beating the Energy Efficiency Paradox (Part II).)

We look forward to a Graphic Of The Day from the US EIA that gives the world hope.

Via::US EIA, United States Energy Outlook and Policies Affecting the Outlook (pdf file download)

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