Graphic Of The Day: Worldwide Unconventional Liquid Fuel Production


Following on the heels of yesterday's Graphic Of The Day: The "Not Going To Happen" Scenario about growth in world-wide coal consumption, here we have 22-year projections by US Energy Information Administration for the "unconventionals." The bar graph categories cover growth in liquid fuel not originating from typical petroleum wells: those with unique feedstock, production techniques, processing, or refining technologies. As in yesterday's post, the standout issue, here, is rather obvious: it's the onset of a 20-year race between Alberta Tar Sands and a variety of "biofuels."Imagine how the race would pick up if oil tops $150/barrel? If Saudi Arabia declared that "Peak Oil" were preventing sustained production growth?

Kiss Orangutans goodbye.


"Hello" to Texification of the USA Midwest.

Via:EIA, pdf file Image credit::Timothy J., excerpted from - Zoo Atlanta Orangutan 3