Graphic Of The Day: Eastern States Make Coal Syn-ers Of Us All

coal shipments synfuel plants image

Looking at the whole of the "Clean Coal" and "Energy Security" equation on a single political map - suppliers and customers shown in one context - helps explain why both US presidential candidates have openly supported "clean coal" or "synfuel," and why members of both major political parties barely mention climate change in convention speeches. The political risk is enormous. Via::USEIA, Figure 7. Coal Shipments from Coal Producing Regions to Coal Synfuel Plants, 2007At least sixteen US States, depending on how you count them, have an existing vested interest in Coal Synfuel, either as coal supplier or synfuel maker or both.. (I had no idea that there were so many existing synfuel plants.) It looks like six US states have a combined interest in both.

Footnote from graphic: Note: The numbers of plants inside the parentheses add to 74 rather than 59 plants because seven synfuel plants received coal from two or more coal-producing regions. Source: Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-3, "Quarterly Coal Consumption and Quality Report — Manufacturing Plants."

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