Graphic Of The Day: Bloom Is Off The Corn


Except for a few US states (in blue) that seem intent on saluting the officially sanctioned corn blossom, it's over for a strong majority (states in red). Ethanol's flash in the cylinder is essentially silenced. Not much more for energy security is offered by ethanol, except indirectly, through it's fuel oxygenation functionality. (EtOH always was superior to MTBE for fuel oxygenation, a fact generally overlooked by US print media and blog-xperts. )

Security dimension:- if pure ethanol is spilled on the ground, your well provides no more danger than "good old mountain dew." EtOH was always much superior to MTBE or straight gasoline in that regard.


Via::USDA, Corn: Acreage & Change from Previous Year by State. Image credit::Flickr, Tall corn in bloom.