Graph of the Day: Cost of Solyndra's Failure Vs. Cost of Military 'Boondoggles'


Photo Credit: Andreas Demmelbauer via Flickr/CC BY

Everybody's talking about the Solyndra bankruptcy, mostly because opponents of clean energy want us to be talking about them. It's a non-scandal of the truest kind, despite what Fox's breathless punditry would have you believe. So. Want to see how big of a deal, scandal or not, all this really is? Below, check out this graph, via Phil Bump, that shows the size of the lost investment in Solyndra compared to some other bad investments our government has made.

It made me laugh out loud:


From Phillip Bump: "Here, inspired by Chris Mims, is the Solyndra investment compared to what the Times calls the Pentagon's "biggest boondoggles." Dollar amounts in billions."

In other words, this is what Solyndra's loss of $500 million in taxpayer funds looks like compared to the money taxpayers have lost on failed military projects and experiments.

Yes, the American taxpayer should be outraged at the terrible waste of government money that Solyndra caused.

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