Grand Opening of D.C.'s First Eco Store


Last week, Washington D.C. saw the grand opening of Eco Green Living, its first multi-product eco-store. The store is located at 1469 Church Street, N.W., in downtown Washington, D.C., one block north of the "P" street Whole Foods. The new store specializes in organic and non-toxic products, and guarantees that international products do not come from exploited labor. It gives D.C. area residents access to a wide variety of organic clothing, cosmetics, baby products, appliances, green building supplies, sustainable floors, and fair trade jewelry and chocolate.
The store is heated with an eco-friendly duct sock made of a washable canvas that distributes heat without metallic ductwork. The owner, Keith Ware said the maintenance of the duct is easy: "I can unzip any section and throw it in the washing machine."

:: The Epoch Times