Government Moves Against Pay-As-You-Throw Trash

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We already know that pay-as-you-throw trash metering can cut landfill waste by 50%. However, Business Green reports that the ruling UK coalition may make it harder for local authorities to levy charges against those who refuse to recycle, and may even stop them from levying fines for dumping trash illegally:

Meanwhile, councils will be prevented from levying fines for fly-tipping for all but the worst offences. Local government minister Bob Neill and environment minister Lord Henley have also warned against councils "charging by the back door" for waste services through schemes that force taxpayers to buy 'official' rubbish sacks from town halls.

While there is an obvious need to get pay-as-you-throw trash models right, and a danger of a backlash if families are fined for the occasional misplaced yogurt pot, it does sound like the UK coalition is playing to populist sentiment rather than offering real solutions to a growing waste problem.

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