Government Minister at Peak Oil Conference - Miracles Do Happen

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Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Debates Government Role & the Wisdom of Economic Growth
It's no secret that I've been getting excited about the Transition Movement for some time. This community-lead response to peak oil and climate change has been mobilizing folks of all backgrounds and political persuasions - creating community around a common cause. But until now I've seen little evidence that this 'bottom up' approach to change was making much headway at the top. But I should have known better. In a time when the Obamas can plant a vegetable garden on the White House lawn, it's clear that politicians are beginning to understand that they had better start listening to grassroots environment and community groups as we collectively search for solutions to the challenges we face. Maybe that's why Ed Milliband, the UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change was seen attending last weekend's Transition Conference as a 'Keynote Listener', attending 3 Open Space sessions and giving a revealing interview. Click below the fold to hear Mr Milliband debating government's role in transition, the real role of economic growth, and that ever-so-controversial third runway at Heathrow. While there's no doubt that the Transition folks had much to disagree with the UK government's current policies, it is great to see someone so high up in government taking time to attend. Here's what Rob Hopkins had to say about Ed Milliband's Transition Movement experience:

Ed Milliband, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, visited the Transition Network conference on Friday afternoon as a ‘Keynote Listener’, which all went very well. He was meant to only stay for half an hour, but ended up stayed nearly an hour and a half. When he arrived I explained to him how Open Space worked, and he looked through the list of Open Space sessions and picked a few he’d like to go to. After sitting in on 3 sessions, including a very interesting one about how to communicate the idea of ‘less’, he came back down to the atrium where Peter Lipman and myself (well, Peter mostly…) interviewed him.

Click on the embedded player below to hear what Mr Milliband had to say, or scroll down for further reading about the Transition Movement.

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