Governator Praises Blair on his Last Day at Number 10


Its Tony Blair's last full day as Prime Minister today, and how does he spend it? In a meeting with the Governator. The hummer-driving muscle man said that Blair's environmental leadership was "truly a model for the world", during his meeting with the PM and environmental secretary, David Miliband.

The governor claimed that it was Blair "getting everyone back round the table" that helped in the recent G8 talks. He also said that Blair's visit to the US last year had been "an inspiration to everyone in California."

There is some speculation that Blair will become an international envoy to the Middle East, a move that the governor backs. "Out of selfish reasons I hope that he becomes the envoy for the environment and brings all the countries of the world together to join some kind of treaty - a Kyoto kind of treaty - that everyone can join and we can all together reduce greenhouse gases. I think the prime minister is the only person who can do that."

By the way, the picture at the top of this post is begging for a caption. Go nuts in the comments. ::The Guardian

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