Governator Coming to UK

Arnold Schwarzenegger is to talk at the Conservative Party conference in the UK, giving a keynote address on climate change. David Cameron, the tory party leader, said; "Governor Schwarzenegger led a dramatic revival of his party's fortunes in California and as governor he has shown tremendous leadership - above all in pioneering measures to protect the environment, reaching out to political opponents in doing so."

Although the Governator has made some positive changes since taking position in California, he is still a contraversial figure, being the first commercial customer to purchase a Hummer. He has since bought several more, and has converted one to run on hydrogen.

Whether he is a positive or negative force for climate change is not clear, but it will certainly be one of the more interesting tory party conferences in recent years. It's just a shame that flying someone as huge as the Governator uses so much more energy than transporting your average politician.

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