Gotta Get Outta the House? Consider Co-working

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TreeHugger is big on Homeworking (I hate the word Telecommute) and thinks that it makes more sense than ever, but for some, the home environment just isn't conducive to productivity or they just need a bit of time away and the wifi coffee shop doesn't cut it. Greg at Workalicious reminds us of co-working, showing us Sandbox, a San Francisco "coworking space for freelancers, entrepreneurs and anyone in need of a flexible and affordable place to work or meet." it's got "hot desks, private desks, a comfortable lounge with an espresso service, conference rooms, and a company of like-minded professionals."

For the person who need company and a continuous espresso drip, co-working provides an affordable option. We wrote last year: "co-working as a whole is generally defined by four major values: collaboration, openness, community and sustainability."

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There are a couple of resources if you are interested in co-working: there is a co-working wiki

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A co-working LinkedIn Group

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There is even a co-working google map!

So if you are just coming out of the big office and cannot face the prospect of sitting home alone, a co-working space can be a good intermediate step. If you have an idea and need a few resources, and a few people to bounce ideas off of, they can be a place to hang your hat.

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Some can be much more; Toronto's Centre for Social Innovation is an example of co-working spaces designed to network people for good causes. "Social Innovations need spaces to spark and grow. The Centre for Social Innovation provides work spaces, meeting spaces and learning spaces that connect people to new ideas and to each other." -much more than just a desk.

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