Got Hormones? - Hormone Free Milk Not Healthier After All


This whole synthetic hormone in milk argument is just boring for the 50+ million Americans who are lactose intolerant. But we love posting on poo, anyway, like here and here for example; and, we'll take more wherever we find it. Via Minneapolis Star Tribune:- "The company that created an artificial growth hormone widely used to increase milk production called on the U.S. government Tuesday to clamp down on dairy companies that advertise "hormone-free" milk as healthier, saying there's no difference between milk from cows treated with the hormone and those that aren't. St. Louis-based Monsanto Co. urged the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on what it called deceptive advertising and for the Food and Drug Administration to issue warnings to companies that continue to run such ads." Image credit: University of Texas Health Science Center, regarding lactose intolerance.