Gore and Hyatt's INdTV Looking for Submissions

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Attention mod environmentalists: Here's a chance to shape a new, independent cable TV network. INdTV was founded by Al Gore and Joel Hyatt and is being created by and for young people in their twenties and thirties. It'll begin broadcasting later this year to an audience of 18 million households and growing. Right now, INdTV is running a Pilot Project to generate new ideas and new video. It's a chance to shape the content of a new kind of TV network; get your work in front of a big audience on the web and TV; and win $15,000.More info is at INdTV

The deadline for the Pilot Project is March 1, 2005. That's a short timeline, but it'd be great to see some submissions from Treehugger readers (of which I am one, by the way).

Again, this is an opportunity to shape the content of a new network, and people here are taking independently-produced video very, very seriously. The stuff we get this month will help set the agenda going forward.

And the $15,000 thing is cool too. [by Robin Sloan]