Gordon Brown on Building a Global Community to Fight Climate Change (Video)

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Some in the United States shiver when they hear the words 'global citizen'--many Americans unfortunately (and nonsensically) feel they have communistic connotations. But if we're going to solve the pressing problems confronting the world--climate change, hunger, poverty, peak oil, the water crisis, etc--we're going to have to start acting like global citizens sooner rather than later. And as British Prime Minister Gordon Brown explains in this great TED talk, building a stronger global ethic doesn't mean one-world governments or adopting a single currency--it means becoming increasingly cognizant of the international community and acting in tandem to make progress. Video after the jump.During his tenure as prime minister, Brown has done more than almost anyone to advocate for a global climate treaty--he was one of the first to announce he'd be heading to Copenhagen. His experience as a global leader on the subject certainly gives him some insight on why international cooperation and consideration should be more of a pressing issue:

As Brown points out, perhaps the best example of (attempted) global cooperation is the ongoing effort to forge an agreement on curbing climate change. But we're going to have to start approaching global warming (and many issues) from even more of a global perspective if genuine progress is to be made--for instance, the Senate Dems' unfortunate demands for a carbon tariff are counterproductive in this regard.

TED talks are some of the finest places to hear illuminating figures hold forth on pressing issues. Find a bunch more here.

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