GOP 'Expert' Witness Testifies that He'd Eat Coal Ash on Cereal (Video)


Somebody get the man a spoon.

If you ever wondered what a crooked 'expert' witness looks like, look no further, friends. During last month's Congressional hearing over the health impacts of the massive Tennessee ash spill--the one that covered hundreds of acres and people's homes in toxic, mercury and arsenic-ridden coal ash--big coal-backing GOP dug up an 'expert' witness to testify to Congress that coal ash is perfectly safe. There's nothing wrong with it at all--in fact, he'd eat it. In a bowl of cereal. Seriously. Video after the jump.As Joe Romm remarks over at Climate Progress:

You won't believe this until you see it with your own eyes -- and maybe not even then. From the GOP witness to the December 10 hearing on "Drinking Water and Public Health Impacts of Coal Combustion Waste Disposal" -- a medical doctor (!):

Pretty despicable. A medical doctor willing to testify that it's okay to eat coal ash? That ingesting toxic material loaded with mercury and arsenic is perfectly safe? Good to know! Pass the Cap 'n Crunch.


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