GOP Congress Aims to Kill High Speed Rail, Energy Star & Other Green Projects

The GOP now occupies a firm majority in the House of Reps, and the party is intent on making its presence felt on the Hill. So, they've wasted no time in demonstrating that they mean to make good on their promise to "slash government spending" -- by getting rid of every green program on the books, it seems. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)'s Republican Study Committee has outlined a list of all of the programs they intend to axe (Defense and Homeland Security remain untouched, of course). Here's a list of just some of the programs they want gone:

  • Energy Star Program: $52 million a year.

  • Intercity and High Speed Rail Grants: $2.5 billion a year.

  • DOE Weatherization Grants to States: $530 million a year.

  • Amtrak Subsidies: $1.565 billion a year. (There are no cuts to highway subsidies, of course.)

  • Technology Innovation Program: $70 million a year. (Wait, I thought support for innovation was "post-partisan"!)

  • Applied Research at Department of Energy: $1.27 billion a year.

  • New Starts Transit: $2 billion a year.

  • Subsidies to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: $12.5 million a year.

  • Title X Family Planning: $318 million a year.

  • Appalachian Regional Commission: $76 million a year. (Why do we need this? They already have coal mines there!)

  • FreedomCAR and Fuel Partnership: $200 million a year.

  • Subsidy for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority: $150 million a year.

  • National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program: $56.2 million a year.

This list was put together by Grist's David Roberts. Read the entire thing for the details.

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