GOP Attempts to "Nitpick" Climate Bill into Oblivion

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We all know that the GOP is fighting the Democrats' climate bill tooth and nail: we've seen the anti-climate bill talking points and heard the dubious claims about the financial burden it would place on American families. Now, Republicans in the Energy and Commerce committee are planning some definitive action in order to take a stand against the bill. And Politico has this story of their attack strategy: to literally "nitpick the bill into legislative oblivion." What does that even mean?It means that the GOP plans on illustrating its defiance by harping on every element of the bill for a prolonged period of time--symbolically displaying their displeasure.

From Politico:

Republicans know they can't stop Henry Waxman's ambitious climate change bill from clearing the Energy and Commerce Committee, but they're promising to make the ride as bumpy as possible.

And how do they plan on doing that?
They plan to nitpick the Waxman bill into legislative oblivion by introducing more than 100 amendments during the committee debate. Some of those, they hope, will lure Democrats worried about the impact of energy proposals on hometown industries.

Ouch. That is annoying. And they claim they can keep it up indefinitely:
"This is not going to be one of gentlemanly, pro forma markups," said Texas Rep. Joe Barton, the top Republican on the committee. "We're prepared for it to take weeks or months."

Even though this sort of process isn't uncommon for the legislative process, it still illustrates the tough road that lays ahead for the climate bill. The bill's supporters will certainly have to be able to tolerate much more than this aggravating, boredom-inducing assault before it can pass the Senate.

Via Politico
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