Googling The GooglePlex: With More Solar Googlables To Come


Just because the pictures are cool: here's the finished Google roof top solar project - top view. Below the fold, the installation is shown in progress.

Completed in May, Google's is the largest single corporate solar installation in the world. The company says the solar panels have cut its grid energy consumption by 30 percent and will pay for itself within seven years.

But the project still pales in comparison to some of the largest solar installations currently under construction. In Brandis, Germany, for example, crews are outfitting a 40 megawatt photovoltaic solar park on a former military base. And just north of Las Vegas, a 15 to18 megawatt project at Nellis Air Force Base is set to open in December.

Wal-Mart, meanwhile, has announced plans to generate 20 megawatts of power via solar panels installed on multiple stores and distribution centers.


See this earlier post on the GooglePlex. The idea is spreading, apparently, according to Celine.

Credit Due Department:- The original corporate solarplex project was completed by Interface, Inc. at it's Bentley Mills operating facility, in 1999: before it was cool, and pre-Enron-induced brownout, making it even cooler of course.

Via::GreenTech Media

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