Google's Earth Day Doodle Focuses on Rainforests

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Good morning! It's Earth Day! Were you unsure that today is a celebration of 40 years of Earth Days (which would require living under a rock), all you had to do was flip on your computer and head to Google for your search fix. One glance at this year's Earth Day Google Doodle would let you know,'s a special day. And this year's doodle is far and away better than those we've seen in the past.
In 2006, Google put out another great doodle in honor of Earth Day, and it was a clear indication of the buzz topic happening then - solar and wind power.

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It was cute, and cool, but this year's logo definitely tops it. We love that the rainforest is the central topic - it is, after all, the heart and lungs of the planet.

From fashion to food to medications, the rainforest is being grabbed at by all angles. The rainforests are being destroyed as fast as a field of matches, and they deserve our attention this Earth Day.

Thanks, Google, for reminding us to unchop a tree today:

Maya Lin - Unchopping a Tree from What is Missing? Foundation on Vimeo.

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