Google to Tackle Global Warming

larry brilliant google
Wired has an interview with Larry Brilliant, the new head of the Google Foundation. He's the man in charge of spending $1,000,000,000 plus one percent of the equity, 1 percent of the profits, and 1 percent of the people of Google. For now, the foundation has a triple mandate: In no particular order, global public heath, global poverty and the climate crisis. Mr. Brilliant says: "I’m going to approach this the way a venture capitalist would – map out the industry to see what the gaps are. You fund an initiative, learn what works, and ask, 'Will it scale?' [...] Many of the issues we face in dealing with rapid climate change are well suited to an engineering mind." ::Wired Interview with Larry Brilliant, ::Official Google Press Release. See also ::How Google Fights Power Consumption, ::Google's Earth Day Logo, ::Google Founders Invest in Nanosolar, ::Google's First Mashup Is Green, ::Google Does Public Transit