Google Teams Up With °Climate Group for Carbon Offsets


Boy, howdy, Google's Greening is sure getting up a head of steam. Their endeavours are coming thick and fast these days. In just the past few weeks alone, we've reported on CAD, servers and cars. Now we learn they've teamed up with the °Climate Group to help the company reach its target of being carbon neutral by 2008. "Innovation goes to the heart of what Google does," said Eric Schmidt, Chairman and Chief Executive of Google. "By investing in new technologies and by working in partnership with others, we can make a meaningful contribution to the environment. This is just a start. We are actively looking for more opportunities to help tackle climate change." Beyond that sound bite thingy that is obligatory in any self respecting press release, it seems that the Climate Group will find credible carbon offset schemes for Google to invest in, to cover any shortfall that their internal energy efficiency and 50 MWs of renewable energy programs don't mitigate against. See the media releases from both ::The °Climate Group. and ::Google. Via Red Herring.

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