Google Sketchup Sponsors Sportables Challenge

sportables introduction photo

All you kids with mad sketchup skilz and a passion for transportable architecture should fire up the computer and design a "sportable"- "highly transportable and deployable play spaces that are sustainable infrastructure nodes. " Google and Architecture for Humanity say that "Nothing connects kids like the power of play. In areas of great need are opportunities to use sports as a catalyst for social change. The Sportables play area and product library aims to provide the youth in communities with limited resources the opportunity to play sports safely, securely, and frequently."

a day in the life in Capao Redondo

"Your challenge is to design a solution to create a highly demountable, portable sports product library, product development studio, and futsal (soccer) play area. This "pop-up" facility will be deployed to provide much needed (and desired) jerseys, shoes, and balls to communities that would welcome and use them to inspire change for youth of both genders. The design should comprise of a structure and construction mechanism that can unfurl to provide a space to rent sports gear as well as a safe space for youth to play, but must be re-packaged securely to protect the goods and equipment when the play area is not used or space is not available, or when it moves from one location to another."

Sounds like fun, and there are prizes. Who knows, it might get built! More at ::Architecture for Humanity