Google News For A Better World

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So much good green news in this vision of a perfect Google News"- "

Faster Way Seen to Reduce Atmospheric Carbon: Science Magazine reports a method to reduce existing levels of atmospheric carbon, jointly developed by researchers in the United States and Sweden. Climate researchers are heralding the method as a "phenomenal quick fix" for global warming and related climate ills. "It seems hard to believe, but we can expect ...
Big Three Unveil Emissions-Free Lineup; In a joint announcement, Ford, GM and Chrysler revealed that all new 2008 models will feature emissions-free engines, with a minimum EPA rating of 75 MPG. "We are pleased to put an end to Detroit's decades-long effort to stifle innovation and instead reclaim our role as a leader in automotive technology ..

and my favourite, Long-awaited spray-on solar coating now available: "Going off grid just got a whole lot easier. For an average of $285 per home, you can now go solar using SolarKote spray, on shelves this week nationwide. For every 10 kilowatt-hours you need (the typical US home uses 35.3 daily), cover a 4'x8' sheet of plywood with the spray and attach it to ..."

Apropos of nothing green but just because I loved the movie: Serenity sequel tops box office six weeks running because we are truly building a better world. ::Good News via ::BoingBoing

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