Goodbye Detergent: Lose Your Suds Addiction With Scrubs From Recycled Food Powders

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I admit to two kitchen addictions - dish detergent that provides suds, and horror of horrors - steel wool impregnated with soap, similar to Brillo pads. Otherwise I'm using baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice for most tasks. But now over at the Cool Hunting blog there's an alternative that actually looks like it could kill two addictions with just one product. Goodbye Detergent scrubs and pads 'utilize the abrasive powers of recycled food remnants like ground peach pits, corn cobs and walnut shells to tackle household clean-up.' Now that is right up my alley...but will it treat my one non-stick pan kindly? Read on.

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Complete Goodbye Detergent line available in the UK - photo pedlars.
Spaghetti sponges, corn and peach
Goodbye Detergent designer Hiroki Hiyashi was looking for natural abrasives, and he found some great ones. The original spaghetti sponge is constructed of a corn cob powder skin, and is a bright, shimmering yellow, suitable for use in scouring stainless steel sinks and the outside of pans. The newer Spaghetti scrub is dark red, made from peach pit powder, and Goodbye Detergent says it removes stains from glass, wood, plastic, and yes, high quality nonstick pans. The older and new Spaghetti scrubs will be priced at $11 and $9 respectively. That's quite a lot for a scrubber - I would be willing to try one and hope for that price that it lasts as long as a box of Brillo, which usually takes a few months to go through for a fraction of the cost.

Crushed walnut shells for outdoor jobs
Goodbye Detergent also designed a scrub for outdoor tasks - scrubbing out flower pots, even scrubbing off old paint - made from crushed walnut shells. According to this web site, the products are rigorously tested and strong, as well as 100% recyclable and made from recycled ingredients, though recycling numbers and exact product ingredients aren't given at the web site.

Roland Products will distribute Goodbye Detergent products, and their web site isn't yet active. The designers hope with the scrubs you can reduce your need for detergents drastically. Yet hopefully Roland will get all the company's products, as their are some interesting natural cleaners and cleansers, too, including a 'Melamine foam cleanser' and a 'Ceramic stain remover.' In the UK, Goodbye Detergent's products are also packaged as gift boxes, which increases the price but is a nice way to try out the line and see if it can solve a lot of home cleaning tasks that sometimes lead most of us to resort to toxics. Find more photos at the Goodbye Detergent Facebook page.

Update: TreeHugger Jeff Nield reports that walnut shell scrubbies from 3M have been available for some time, and at a considerably lower price than Goodbye Detergent's. No word yet on whether those walnut shells in the Scotch-Brite Walnut Sponge by 3M are recycled.

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