Good News: Great Dane-Size Manatee Droppings Smother Florida's Humiston Park Beach

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Florida Manatees at the beach. Image credit: Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Tom Reinert, Via National Geographic

While the sight of nearby excrement on the beach generally causes a visceral revulsion, the possibility of other people stepping in it is fascinating. Manatees being an endangered species, news of a Florida beach closure from their washed up endangered feces, is presented for your reading pleasure, and also as demonstration that Florida manatee populations have recently increased - Nature's Way of telling us something's right, perhaps?Or just a hydrodymanic coincidence? UPI carried the story:

Workers at Humiston Park Beach along Vero Beach spent hours cleaning up the mess Thursday after the Indian River County Environmental Health Department identified it as manatee waste, reported. The workers buried the waste several feet beneath the sand.

"I've never seen anything like it, and I've lived along beaches all my life," said Bill Becker, who goes to Humiston several times a week. "It was disgusting, but mystifying. It looked like Great Dane poop all along the beach."

T.C Palm has the real money quote:
"We did a feel and smell test, and based on the description we gave to Florida Fish and Wildlife, they told us it was manatee droppings," environmental health specialist Charles Vogt said. "I've never followed a manatee closely enough to know otherwise."

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