Good News Department: 400 Green Jobs Coming To Wisconsin Rapids

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When the economy is tough, and and especially while it's still too cold to get out on the bicycle and enjoy spring (as it is now in Wisconsin), people need good news. Wisconsin Rapids got some that many small cities would be envious of.

Energy Composites Corporation and the City are collaborating on plans to build a just-announced wind turbine blade factory that will employ up to 400 people. Details below the fold.

You see? Spring and better times are just around the corner. Better clean up those bikes.Via:BusinessWire.

Energy Composites Corporation (OTCBB:ENCC) announced that it has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the City of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin to acquire a 54 acre parcel for the purpose of building a 350,000 square foot composites fabrication plant for manufacturing wind turbine blades. The City and the Company will reach a final definitive agreement before June 1, 2009, after which ECC will commence the construction of the plant.
Sam Fairchild, ECC's CEO, stated:-
"We contemplate that the blade factory will add more than 400 new jobs to the Wisconsin Rapids economy. We are currently working with our local college, MidState, to establish a training program now specializing in blade fabrication techniques as well as basic composites fabrication. We are working to establish a certification program as a part of WindFiber(TM) that will ensure that we have a strong pool of certified associates ready on Day One to make the blade plant productive. We believe that we will deliver a capacity of 1,500 blades annually out that plant, and we hope to ramp up to that rate of production by the end of 2010."
I especially like the city-business partnership approach.

Looking at this proposal, plus these archive posts on turbine blade manufacturing operations, it looks like new jobs resulting from a turbine blade operation are generally in the 400 to 600 range. That can have a real positive impact on the economy of a small city.

For you investors, the key term is Fiber Composites.

I imagine the Mayor may have to go for a bike ride anyway - to get some relief from all the calls that will be coming in.

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