Good News: China's Renewable Energy Growth Now Outpacing Coal

wind turbine close up photo

photo: Fiona Shields via flickr.

Though coal still provides the majority of China's power, there's some good news coming from Xinhua via Business Green: New official Chinese stats show that the nation's renewable energy capacity is now growing faster than its coal plants.Through the end of 2009 nearly 180 GW of new power capacity was under construction, with the growth of renewables outpacing coal by some 16 GW. All told, low-carbon energy sources (hydro, nuclear, and renewables) will account for 250 GW, or 26% of China's power capacity, by the end of 2010.

Also notable in the figures is the growth of wind power in Inner Mongolia, now reaching 7.3 GW at the end of last month. That's an increase from 170 MW in 2005.

US Gets 31% of Electricity From Low-Carbon Sources
For comparison: AWEA just released some 2009 stats for the United States showing the nation added 10 GW more wind power last year, bringing the total to 35 GW. In total, EIA figures show that hydro, nuclear and renewables supplied about 31% of US electricity last year, with coal supplying 45%.

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