Good Deeds Dept: Picasso Goes for Green


Here's a nice story: an art dealer has sold a Picasso etching for $3 million dollars and he is donating the proceeds to environmental and Third World causes. The print is one of an edition of 50 and its owner, Dr. Frederick Mulder, decided to sell it and give 75% of the money to charity.

He said:

I found myself in the position of just having sold the world's most expensive printed image in the form of Picasso's La Minotauromachie, in which Picasso contemplates a future of personal change. I had owned the object for many years and although it was a wrench to let it go I realised that, just as the print's imagery addressed the issue of a chaotic future, the assets the sale generated could also be used to address our chaotic future.
I could use the profits for the issues I felt strongly about, in particular climate change, conflict prevention and Third World development. This is going to give sight to people, educate people and help charities working on climate change. One doesn't like to be too dramatic but all of this is as satisfying as having any work of art.
Bravo, Dr. Mulder. :: Evening Standard

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