Goldman Sachs Still Working It's Green Magic

Last year this time we reported on Goldman Sachs progress on greening it's performance in the face of a "browning" shareholder resolution. Subsequently, the firm's CEO, Hank Paulson, went on to become US Treasury Secretary, and the firm itself has further demonstrated that there's profit to be made in making the world a greener place. For the inside story, we read this Newsweek Business report. As reported in the story, "...the firm chauffeurs execs in hybrid cars, and the "Green Tower," its new $2 billion headquarters rising in Manhattan, is so ecofriendly that switching to a meatless diet may be a healthy career move for employees". Demonstrating the effect of Goldman Sach's leadership, the money quote for us was:- "...many of the same banks that grew rich financing companies' strip mines, oil rigs and SUV plants are advising clients that the way to get the green is to go green". Image credit: Boulder Chamber.

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