"God Does Not Do Waste", Says Archbishop

One of the buzzwords of recent years has been sustainability and, like most buzzwords, it tends to be used annoyingly all over the place, often for things it doesn't really fit. But what the word points to is the obligation that most of us share at some deep level. The obligation to hand on to our children a legacy that helps them live and flourish."

As the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams carries a great deal of influence. We've previously seen that he is more than capable of joining the dots between religious faith and environmental responsibility, but we were delighted to learn that he's been at it again with his televised New Year message to the nation. "God does not do waste." says the Archibishop. We couldn't agree more. We wonder if he's was giving out FSC-certified Bibles on his Christmas list this year ::YouTube::via the Guardian::

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